Safety at Sports and Recreational Events

ORM offers consulting and operational services for promoters, event managers, TV producers, event and media agencies and brand managers throughout South Africa. We assist with the planning and resourcing of safety and emergency management measures for large crowd events.


Fire and Disaster Risk Management

Our team has vast experience in the field of operational firefighting, fire fighter training and rational fire designs. Designing and building structures in compliance with building and fire code requirements, and insurance industry guidelines, contributes to the reduction of fire losses.


Construction Safety Management

As registered Construction Health and Safety Agents with the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions we are able to provide a comprehensive Construction Safety Management Service to the Client, Implementing Agent, Principal Contractor and Subcontractor. Our scope ranges from Client Agent services to the provision of a site Safety Officer.

Commercial and Industrial Safety Risk Management

ORM’s team of specialists will undertake commercial, industrial and retail property inspections and provide Clients with a gap analysis and assist with short to long term implementation plans. In addition the tenants will be audited in order to clearly establish a risk profile of their property.