Safety at Sports and Recreational Events

ORM offers consulting and operational services for promoters, event managers, TV producers, event and media agencies and brand managers throughout South Africa. We assist with the planning and resourcing of safety and emergency management measures for large crowd events.
These include but not limited to:-

• Festivals
• Concerts
• Street and open events
• Award ceremonies
• Stadium concerts
• Product launches
• Sporting events
• Fashion shows
• Cinematic and TV events
• Visual pyrotechnic shows

We strive to minimise risks to organisers, sponsors, contributors and participants.
ORM has a team of consultants with specialist backgrounds in disaster and event management, who can assist in the planning and resourcing of safety and emergency management measures ranging from small to large crowd events.

We can assist the Client with the application process, licensing, liaise with local or national government, medical and fire authorities, the police and private security. We also act as a sounding board for all logistical decisions relating to the safe design and operation of your event.

ORM is able to put together strategies and policies to support an event.

We base our documentation on South African legislation, guidance and good practice, while incorporating legislation applicable to the locality, to satisfy all applicable regulatory frameworks. This offers organisers a major advantage in managing risk and mitigating their liabilities, as the risk of litigation for actions or omissions in the areas of safety and negligence is becoming more widespread.

All events are now required by law to be managed towards the prevention of injuries or possible fatalities therefore ORM’s team of specialists are able to guide and assist Clients in this regard and can offer the following services:

• Local Authority Safety and Grading Certificates
• Submission of Organisers annual schedule of events
• Submission of application for short notice events
• Preparation of Event Safety, Security Management and Emergency Plans
• Preparation of Medical and Traffic Management Plans
• Crowd capacity and evacuation time calculation and validation
• Venue design consultancy
• Risk assessments, including fire risk assessments
• Event safety training
• Exercising and testing

Event Safety Implementation ________________

• Site Safety Officers and/or Managers
• Incident investigation service