Training Profile

Operational Risk Management (ORM) adopts the underlying principle that employers legal duties as envisaged in terms of section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 is met when training and development improves individual and organizational performance and assists in achieving the businesses mission and performance goals. John Maxwell stated that “When we train people, we focus on the job. When we develop people, we focus on the person. When we train people, we’re adding value to specific things, such as what their job description is. When we develop people, we add value to everything. They not only become better in their jobs, they become better in life.”

Employee training is a necessity for any business that wants to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. But leaders who want to make a lasting difference also recognize that training by itself is not enough. Training people is helpful for a short time, Developing people is helpful for a lifetime. And while the result of training is changed performance. The result of development is changed lives.

ORM is a full accredited Health and Safety Education and Training Provider with the HWSETA- HW591 PA154578 and the Chief Inspector of the Department of Labour no Ci 341/3/12/1.

ORM is accredited for the following NQF Skills Programme:

SHE Controller

Unit Standard SAQA ID No NQF Level
Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace 120496 2
Apply health and safety to a work area 9964 2
Explain basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace 259639 2
Describe the functions of the workplace health and safety representatives 259622 2
Apply fire fighting techniques 252250 1

Competencies ________________

  • Facilitation in ABET (specializing in English
  • Co-ordinate, develop & facilitate course work for HIV/AIDS courses and HIV/AIDS counselling
  • Facilitation in Safety Risk Management
  • Planning, developing and adapting coursework
  • OBE, lesson plans, critical cross field outcomes, learner profiles
  • Continuous, diagnostic and summative assessments
  • HWSETA Assessor and Moderator registered

Functional Knowledge ________________

With more than 21 years’ experience in operational Fire Fighting & Training coupled with extensive experience in Adult Education & Training and functional knowledge in Construction and Industrial Occupational Health & Safety we no doubt have the ability to successfully incorporate critical cross field outcomes to any given lesson.

Uniqueness ________________

A combination of core skills & qualifications provides for a unique, practical and holistic approach to training, education & development.